Poker Survival Guide: 8 Signs You’re Up Against A Great Poker Player

To be successful at the poker table, it’s essential to understand your opponents and their playing styles. Knowing when you’re up against an experienced player can give you an edge in recognizing patterns and making better strategic decisions.

This guide will examine 8 signs indicating you’re facing off against a great poker player so that you can adjust your play accordingly. With the proper knowledge about your opponent’s skill set, you can make more innovative moves to increase your chances of winning big at the tables!

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1. They’re Tight and Selective

For poker players looking to play poker, one sign that you’d be up against a great player is if they play tight and selective. Playing tight and selective means that the person plays fewer hands than average and, most of the time, will only play with cards with the highest probability of winning.

This strategy can be challenging to play against, but if spotted in a poker game, it could be a surefire sign that you are against someone who knows what they are doing.

Playing poker can be a great way to engage in some friendly competition and hone your skills, so look out for this indication when playing at any of your favorite poker games.

2. They Bet Aggressively

A major clue that your opponent is a powerful player is when they play aggressively, making essential bets without hesitation or thought. This should tell you that they are comfortable with the stakes of the game and have a good understanding of how to play poker.

To play competitively, it pays off to learn the basics of the game. Apart from practicing poker with other players face to face, one of the best ways to learn poker basics is through playing online and learning from top poker players on different sites.

As soon as you are confident enough to join some of the bigger games, recognize when you are up against experienced players by their aggressive bets. This could be your opportunity to gain valuable insights from their play strategy!

3. They Know How To Bluff

One surefire way to tell you’re playing against a great player is when they can bluff. Bluffing is an art form of its own, and it takes a real professional poker player to pull off a smooth bluff while maintaining a steady course throughout the game.

It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment during a poker match, but those who can stay cool and capitalize on moments of uncertainty are typically at the top in terms of skill level.

Playing with someone who knows how to bluff with the best of them is a challenge indicative of how much experience both players have with the game; only an experienced hand could craft such an impressive strategy with precision.

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4. They Recognize Patterns

When you are up against a great player, whether it is in poker or any other casino game, it is a sure sign that you’re in the presence of someone who has mastered the game when they recognize patterns quickly. This type of player has usually developed a keen eye for spotting familiar sequences and, of course, understanding rules. Experienced players are quick decision-makers and can anticipate what pieces need to move to set up a sequence that gives them an advantage. It takes patience and determination to become an expert at recognizing patterns, as well as time spent mastering the rules and strategies of the game itself. It’s often said that good players can act quickly on patterns they spot rather than deliberate too long trying to develop tactics; it’s no wonder why great players seem almost effortlessly to outplay their opponents.

5. They’re Patient

If you’re up against a player who seems to be taking their time, it’s a good indication that they’re thinking several steps ahead. Great players understand the importance of patience in poker and other casino games. They know that if they act too quickly or without forethought, chances are their opponents will be able to spot their intentions and use those against them. Instead, the best poker players take their time and read the table before making any decisions; this allows them to make more informed moves that could lead to greater rewards for themselves.

6. They’re Not Afraid To Fold

Knowing the exact moment to fold is a skill that develops over time. Seeing this pattern in your opponent’s play should signify that they are already competent. Experienced players know that folding can save them from making costly mistakes, and as a result, they can often have more chips to work with over time. It also takes confidence to fold and the guts to give up on a hand even when you think you might have something good; only experienced players possess this level of trust in their abilities.

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7. They Focus On The Goal

Great players understand their ultimate goal: to win. They recognize that there are multiple paths to victory and use their knowledge of the game and its strategies to find the most successful one. They pay attention not just to short-term gains but also to long-term ones; this allows them to stay focused on the result and not get distracted by what is happening around them. A player with this skill set will be ahead of their opponents in terms of strategy, as they will always look one step ahead of everyone else.

8. They Don’t Rely on Luck

Good players know that skills play a greater factor than luck in playing poker. Professional players understand that if they always make decisions based on probability and not just on chance, their chances of success are much higher.

While luck will never guarantee a win, great players know when it is time to stand strong or fold. This strategy minimizes losses and maximizes gains in the long run.


Understanding the signs of a great player will help you avoid being taken advantage of when playing poker, whether online or live. The skill set listed above is something experienced players possess and should be used to your advantage when trying to identify great opponents in a game. With these tips, you’ll be able to separate the contenders from the pretenders and come out on top more often than not!