4 Best VPN to Use When Playing Poker Online

If you like to play poker, you know many different ways to play the game. You can either go to a physical casino or play online. While both options have perks, playing poker online has become more and more popular over the years.

However, when you play online, there are some risks involved. Your personal and financial information is at risk of being hacked. Therefore, using a VPN is your best choice. 

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an application or software that allows you to browse the internet privately. Once you connect to a VPN, your traffic and activities are routed through an encrypted tunnel. It means that your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, cannot see what you are doing online.

Additionally, you can change your IP address. It is helpful if you want to access geo-blocked content or play poker online on a site unavailable in your country.

Now that we know what a VPN is, let’s look at the 4 best VPNs to use for a poker game online.

Best VPN for Poker Players


ExpressVPN is a popular VPN service known for its fast speed. It has servers in 94 countries, so you can always find one close to your location.

Since it boasts a breakneck speed, you don’t have to be concerned about lag interfering with your game. There is no interruption during your play online, even if it’s a free poker game online.

Even if you use the VPN for hours, the connection doesn’t decline. In addition, the system won’t disconnect you for inactivity.

Aside from speed, it has excellent privacy and security features. It contains 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and modern protocols to protect your gadgets and bank information from hackers. 

You can test the product for 30 days. Their money-back guarantee promo covers them if you aren’t satisfied with their service. 

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Private Internet Access

The Private Internet Access (PIA) global server network makes popular poker websites easy to access. No matter where you are, you may play on websites like GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, because it supports over 80 countries. 

The connection is strong and has no interruptions in between. That means you can get to play your game without losing the game or slowing down.

You can find a speed as fast as 100 Mbps and connect to far-off US servers. The faster the rate, the better to enjoy a game of Texas Holdem poker online or more.

It also has a MACE technology that filters ads, trackers, and malware, keeping your focus on your game by avoiding pop-ups. In addition, your information is safe as it is not shared with any third parties and has no log storage.

Like ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access has a 30-day money-back guarantee promo. Hence, you can test the product and see if it satisfies your expectations.


You can trade on your PC and mobile devices with IPVanish, which includes unlimited connections in all its services. Even when you use them simultaneously on other devices, there is no connection problem. 

It has over 75 servers worldwide, DDoS protection from online threats, and working DNS and IPS features.

A kill switch and 256-bit encryption are used to protect you. The kill switch will turn off your internet for your device if your VPN connection suddenly drops, preventing poker sites from flagging you for questionable behavior.

You can test the product for 30 days and get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. They offer three plans that can suit what you need.


Cyberghost is easy to use, so you can start playing online after you have installed and clicked the server you want.

Your activities are safe with the security feature of 256-bit encryption, an immediate kill switch, and DDoS attack defense. 

When you boost the ante, you won’t have to worry about your bank information being viewed because there are no DNS or IP breaches. 

The NoSpy server feature erases your logs daily and gives you the confidence to browse your favorite poker website.

It has a sizable server network with thousands of locations worldwide. Hence, you can find a server where the poker room you play is hosted.

You can play a clean and uninterrupted poker game without worrying about disconnection. CyberGhost has a speed that is not lower than 100 Mbps.

Unlike other VPNs mentioned, CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, giving you much time to test if you can enjoy your online poker games.

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How VPN Secures A Poker Game Online

If you frequently play Texas Holdem online, you know security is a significant concern. There are many ways that hackers can try to steal your personal information or money.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when playing poker is to use a VPN. It will encrypt your activities and hide your IP address. It will make it much harder for hackers to target you.

In addition, a VPN will allow you to connect to blocked sites in your country. It can be a great way to access the best poker challenges from anywhere in the world.


If you want to play poker, you should consider using a VPN. A VPN will improve your security and allow you to access GGPoker anywhere in the world.

You can play games without worrying about leaks about your identity and location. In addition, the fast connection also allows you to explore other games on the siteโ€”sign up at GGPoker today to find excellent and fun poker tournaments and more.